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Lovely Places to Learn to Teach Yoga

What a contrast! A peaceful, spiritual activity such as Yoga performed, even taught on a loud, buzzing and energetic party island that is Ibiza. Well, firstly, it's absolutely true and secondly it is not as ridiculous as it may seem. If you have ever heard of Koh Pha Ngan in the Gulf of Thailand, you will know that it is famous for its wild full-moon parties, rife with hard and soft drugs, and strong local whisky mixed with Red Bull. Well, in fact, this madness only happens every two to four weeks (they also have new-moon parties, which are not as big) and only happens on a small peninsular at the South West tip of the island. For the rest of the month, Koh Pha Ngan's party beaches are quite peaceful, and the rest of the place is serene and unaffected all year round. It's an ideal place to take the family, have a romantic break, or lose yourself in your own company on a deserted beach. However, I digress. This is about Ibiza and learning Yoga there.


Ibiza is about twice the size of Koh Pha Ngan in Thailand and, as everyone should know, is located in the West of the Mediterranean Sea. Yes, it has a reputation as a hub for party goers aged between 17 and about 30, but there is a lot more to it than that. Its size, and party revellers' apparent inability to travel far from wherever they finish drinking or dancing and to wherever they fall in an unconscious heap allow Ibiza to offer so much more than what most of us are aware of. Now, some may question the likeliness of a person who is keen on Yoga going to such a place as Ibiza, but there are plenty of reasons, opportunities and evidence. Yoga is a wonderful way to wind down and clear one's mind (and possibly one's) body of the nasty things that a night out can inflict. However, there are valid professional reasons to go there and perform Yoga, too. For example, someone who has already completed level one as a Yoga instructor, say in Nepal or other parts of Asia may be looking for somewhere nearer to home or a different climate to do the 300 hour course for level two.


Learn to Teach Yoga in Ibiza (Yoga TTC), and you will become certified and proficient within just a few weeks. The best training centres will accommodate you within their complex and keep class sizes down to a maximum of twenty students to ensure the personal touch.


It really is a wonderful island, there are always good deals for flights to get there, and the quieter parts of the island are as idyllic as you can ask for anywhere with an airport. Now, Yoga enthusiasts can learn to improve their skills, become a level one teacher, or make the step from level one to level two all in Ibiza, Spain.


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