Yoga Courses In Nepal

One of the oldest and most beneficial exercise routines in the world is an art that was first created in the Asian sub-continent. It’s an activity that can be performed by both the young and old, in almost any location, for many reasons and at any time of day. Yoga is a wonderful way to improve one’s physical and mental health, but it is important to do it properly, and be taught it by an expert. This is because manipulating one’s limbs and joints, and holding these positions for long periods of time can be rather dangerous. The internet, where you’re reading this at the moment, is a wonderful source of information and advice, as well as entertainment. However, with anything regarding health (for example, diagnosis, treatment and therapy) it is vital to visit and spend time with an expert, at least at first. People can take yoga courses in cities and rural areas all over the world, but it is surely best to do it as near as possible to the place where the art began. Yoga teaching in Nepal is done at yoga centres in good English and other languages by both the locals and some experienced foreigners. 


It is not at all important at which level the student is. The best yoga centers are able to offer courses for all levels and at varying degrees of intensity. Some people want to just do half an hour a day, whereas as others are absolutely dedicated to do as many hours as their bodies and instructors permit. Like many physical and enjoyable activities, it is not difficult to do too much too early and cause yourself problems for the next day or days. One must always follow the advice of the expert they pay to instruct them. Some people prefer to fully relax in the fresh mountain air of a country very near to the birthplace of yoga. Therefore, for one of the most popular destinations to learn yoga Nepal is an obvious choice. It is visited by enough students to ensure that there are lots of well-qualified instructors wanting to work there. These instructors and the centres they work for are able to offer yoga courses at many levels and in several languages. 


Nepal is not the only place to learn yoga, but it is certainly one of the best. It offers so many advantages for both the yoga itself and also for general travel happiness and convenience. The cost of living is low, the quality of air and food high, and there are very little distractions. All in all ensuring a wonderful all-round experience.



15 min. version of the documentary “Land of the Seekers” directed by Brendan Turrill, shot in Nepal

Yoga Tips And How To Beneficial For Health

Yoga is a way of life, an art of virtuous living or an included system for the benefit of the body, mind and inner spirit. This art originated, was perfect and skillful in India thousands of years ago. Also visits our website

The references to yoga are obtainable in 'Upanishads' and 'Puranas' calm by Indian Aryans in the later Vedic and post- Vedic period. The main credit for systematizing yoga goes to Patanjali who wrote 'Yoga Sutra', two thousand Years ago. 

Yoga Tips

1. To get started, you need to have the urge and self-assurance in yourself. 

2. To practice Yoga, the place chose must be calm, quiet, ventilated, dust free, moisture free and also disruption free. 

3. Before you start practicing Yoga, it is very significant for you to clear your bowels and bladder as well as clean your nostrils and throat of all mucus. You must also drink a glass of lukewarm water. 

4. Yoga clothing should be loose and as comfortable as probable. Form-fitting cotton/Lycra pants and shirts are the best. 

5. Wait for a few minutes and then you can start. 

6. Like all other work outs, you must begin with easy poses, thereafter you can advance to the tough ones. Be logical and systematic. 

7. Remember, to start with your actions should be light and if you feel fatigue in between you must discontinue. 

Yoga for Weight Loss

1. There are various Yoga asana like Paschimottanasana, Bhujangasana, Halasana, Dhanurasana, Veerasana, Trikonasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana which are specially meant for weight reduction. Following few of them frequently will certainly help you lose flab. 

2. Incase you are a thyroid patient and you have unusually gained weight. You must go for Sarvangasana and Matasyasana for examination on the hormonal secretion of your thyroid gland. 

3. Regular Yoga asana done with Sun greeting (Surya Namaskar) is also very helpful in weight reduction. 

4. Regularly practicing Pranayamas for instance Kapalabhatti, Anuloma-Viloma and Bhastrika not only help in weight decrease but equally helps in achieving a better muscle tone and endurance.

Yoga Benefits

1. Yoga is recognized to increase suppleness; yoga has posture that triggers the different joints of the body. Including those joints that are not acted upon with regular exercises routines.

2: Yoga also increases the lubrication of joints, tendon and tendons. The well-researched yoga position exercises the different tendons and ligaments of the body.

3. Yoga also massages all organs of the body. Yoga is possibly the only exercise that can work on through your inner organs in a thorough manner, as well as those that hardly get externally stirred during our entire lifetime.

4. Yoga acts in a wholesome manner on the various body parts. This stimulation and massage of the organs in turn reimbursement us by keeping away disease and providing a forewarning at the first likely instance of a likely onset of disease or disorder.

Asanas, Postures & Exercises

Surya Namaskar – Surya Namaskar means greeting or bowing the sun. Usually all sessions of Yoga asana begin with the 'Surya Namaskar' or sun salutation. It nourishes and energizes the upper part of the body.

Paschimothan Asana (The Forward Bend) – Paschimothan Asana also known as touching toes posture, means stretching the back. It brings flexibility and corrects disorders of the spine. 

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Learn to Teach Yoga in Spain (Yoga TTC)

After several trips to Asia, I have decided to take my next sabbatical to lands a bit nearer to home (UK). Having grown accustomed to warm sunny climates, I think that southern Europe has regained a lot of its charm, now that Asia is inundated with foreign tourists on package holidays, health tourists wanting plastic surgery, and backpackers looking for the cheapest or most uninhabited spot. In addition, Central and Eastern Europe’s bubble appears to have just about burst now that the novelty has worn off, and the cost of things has increased along with the number of drunken Brits and Swedes.

Spain looks to be great value this summer and a four-week trip can easily include a relaxing (I think) three-week break at a Yoga resort. There are several stages to learn and perform Yoga, from beginners for fun or just to try it out, through advanced, instructor and level-two instructor. Like many activities such as this, there will always be those who try it once or twice and give up, some who make it a hobby, and others who go all the way and make a career out of it. To be honest, I can’t see myself becoming a level-two Yoga instructor, well at least not this year. However, if anyone wants to learn to teach Yoga in Spain (TTC) then there are several options of professional Yoga training centres, specifically and surprisingly on the island of Ibiza. It is important to use a training centre that has a reliable and easy-to-check set up and history, especially in Asia, near the roots of Yoga. Additionally, a place that doesn’t have too many students on each course, to enable each one to get lots of good attention and plenty of personal instruction is essential before you part with over one thousand Euros.

So, Spain it is, and probably Ibiza, although I will have to exercise a lot of self control to get myself safely past all the bars, clubs, parties and sexy bodies distracting me from the beach. I hope that my joints are up for a bit, no a lot, of stretching. It has been a while since I last sat down and did any serious meditation or Yoga. The course to become an instructor is my main goal this time, but I am still not quite sure how far I will get, nor how beneficial the career move will be. However, the price is good, including accommodation, and the physical and psychological benefits that I will receive are going to be priceless.


Lovely Places to Learn to Teach Yoga

What a contrast! A peaceful, spiritual activity such as Yoga performed, even taught on a loud, buzzing and energetic party island that is Ibiza. Well, firstly, it's absolutely true and secondly it is not as ridiculous as it may seem. If you have ever heard of Koh Pha Ngan in the Gulf of Thailand, you will know that it is famous for its wild full-moon parties, rife with hard and soft drugs, and strong local whisky mixed with Red Bull. Well, in fact, this madness only happens every two to four weeks (they also have new-moon parties, which are not as big) and only happens on a small peninsular at the South West tip of the island. For the rest of the month, Koh Pha Ngan's party beaches are quite peaceful, and the rest of the place is serene and unaffected all year round. It's an ideal place to take the family, have a romantic break, or lose yourself in your own company on a deserted beach. However, I digress. This is about Ibiza and learning Yoga there.


Ibiza is about twice the size of Koh Pha Ngan in Thailand and, as everyone should know, is located in the West of the Mediterranean Sea. Yes, it has a reputation as a hub for party goers aged between 17 and about 30, but there is a lot more to it than that. Its size, and party revellers' apparent inability to travel far from wherever they finish drinking or dancing and to wherever they fall in an unconscious heap allow Ibiza to offer so much more than what most of us are aware of. Now, some may question the likeliness of a person who is keen on Yoga going to such a place as Ibiza, but there are plenty of reasons, opportunities and evidence. Yoga is a wonderful way to wind down and clear one's mind (and possibly one's) body of the nasty things that a night out can inflict. However, there are valid professional reasons to go there and perform Yoga, too. For example, someone who has already completed level one as a Yoga instructor, say in Nepal or other parts of Asia may be looking for somewhere nearer to home or a different climate to do the 300 hour course for level two.


Learn to Teach Yoga in Ibiza (Yoga TTC), and you will become certified and proficient within just a few weeks. The best training centres will accommodate you within their complex and keep class sizes down to a maximum of twenty students to ensure the personal touch.


It really is a wonderful island, there are always good deals for flights to get there, and the quieter parts of the island are as idyllic as you can ask for anywhere with an airport. Now, Yoga enthusiasts can learn to improve their skills, become a level one teacher, or make the step from level one to level two all in Ibiza, Spain.

Improve Your Health With A Thai Massage

Yoga comes from several religions in the area, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Its name also has different meanings in several languages. And, as mentioned before, there are plenty of reasons for doing it. Traditionally, believers in whichever religion perform yoga to discipline their minds and bodies and become closer to their god or gods. Nowadays, the activity happens in modern air-conditioned gyms and is taught and performed by those from all walks of life including professionals and housewives. In Buddhism, for example, it is used in some mild forms when meditating. In Thailand, there are plenty of people who do yoga, on a serious or very relaxed basis, to improve their health or even just as an easy thing to do at the fashionable gym. Thai massage the lazy person's yoga, is maybe an extreme way of doing nothing while having your body put through some gentle therapy and exercise. It would be wrong to totally disregard Thai massage as a therapeutic, easy exercise, as there are plenty of benefits of a good Thai massage, but one needs to make sure it is administered properly. Otherwise, there could be no benefit, or even some negative affects.


To call Thai massage a lazy person's yoga would probably be fair for those who know what they are talking about, but the phrase should not be overused to make Thai massage appear either a waste of time, or a viable alternative. Yoga is a very old, religiously traditional activity. It has been so popular in the East that those in the West have taken it up. Thai massage has also been around for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years and it too is connected to religion with its use in Buddhist meditation. One of the main differences being that one you can do alone, and it probably stimulates blood flow and improves discipline more than the other, which requires a masseur or masseuse and the recipient can relax, do nothing or even sleep.

Staying Fit With Yoga

"That can't be at all comfortable," "It's just for girls," "Have you found your other self yet?" and "Have a wash, you hippie," are all phrases that could be unfairly said to those people who practise Yoga. However, it could probably be guaranteed that the vast majority of the people making those remarks have never taken the time to do a little research or even ask a few questions about exactly what Yoga is. Originally from South-Central Asia and dating back several thousand years, Yoga helps to control the discipline of one's physical body as well as the mind. Yoga has proven benefits for the mental and physical health of those people who practise it properly on a regular basis. For people who just do it for fun, or in an attempt to keep up with the latest craze, there are minimal benefits, but rarely is any harm done, as long as the Yoga is performed properly.


Nowadays, Yoga is practised in Asia, and all over the rest of the world. It would probably be fair to say that its roots are still firmly in the Indian region, where it is used in Hinduism and Buddhism. A little further east is an extremely popular place to study about Yoga for both recreational and spiritual purposes. For example, many people learn Yoga in Thailand. Thailand is conveniently situated between the Andaman Sea and the South China Sea. Thailand has islands with pristine beaches, mountains and good shopping, to complement its warm year-round climate and wonderful cuisine. To learn Yoga in Thailand requires little more than some preparation and plenty of open-mindedness. Some learn it to help them relax, others learn it to aid recovery from some kind of ailment, and others still just learn it for something to do. There are also financial benefits. In the West, fees for professional and qualified Yoga teachers are not unsubstantial and there is a growing market. Therefore, as a career move, there is a lot of sense in wanting to learn Yoga in Thailand, while enjoying a beach or trekking holiday, or meditating in a temple. Going home to Europe, America or Australia could be the beginning of a new business venture or an extra service of a present practice, such as massage or acupuncture.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to visit Thailand, and probably as many reasons to learn to practise or teach Yoga. Added together and bearing in mind the wonderful holiday opportunities as well as the low cost and new experiences, and it is easy to see how beneficial it can be to learn Yoga in Thailand. You never know, it could result in a whole new you!